HUGIn: Hi-C Unifying Genomic Interrogator.

Martin JS, Xu Z, Reiner AP, Mohlke KL, Sullivan P, Ren B, et al. HUGIn: Hi-C Unifying Genomic Interrogator. Bioinformatics.; 2017;33: 3793–3795.
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MOTIVATION: High throughput chromatin conformation capture (3C) technologies, such as Hi-C and ChIA-PET, have the potential to elucidate the functional roles of non-coding variants. However, most of published genome-wide unbiased chromatin organization studies have used cultured cell lines, limiting their generalizability. RESULTS: We developed a web browser, HUGIn, to visualize Hi-C data generated from 21 human primary tissues and cell lines. HUGIn enables assessment of chromatin contacts both constitutive across and specific to tissue(s) and/or cell line(s) at any genomic loci, including GWAS SNPs, eQTLs and cis-regulatory elements, facilitating the understanding of both GWAS and eQTL results and functional genomics data. AVAILABILITY AND IMPLEMENTATION: HUGIn is available at