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Epiviz: interactive visual analytics for functional genomics data

Chelaru F, Smith L, Goldstein N, Bravo HC. Epiviz: interactive visual analytics for functional genomics data. Nat Methods. nature.com; 2014;11: 938–940.
Cited by: 47


Visualization is an integral aspect of genomics data analysis where the output of procedures performed in computing environments like Bioconductor is often visualized. Algorithmic-statistical analysis and interactive visualization are usually disjoint but are most effective when used iteratively. We introduce tools that provide this tight-knit integration: Epiviz (http://epiviz.cbcb.umd.edu), a web-based genome browser, and the Epivizr Bioconductor package allowing interactive, extensible and reproducible visualization within a state-of-the-art data analysis platform.